Disney environment

Okay, so any vacation for a wildlife rehabilitator is a magical one, but taking a vacation with a company that cares about the environment just adds more pixie dust to getting away! When deciding on a vacation, a cruise is certainly a good way to go. If you want to look at low environmental impact vacations, a cruise may not be your first thought. It may not even be your hundredth thought- big ships with thousands of people generating waste and doing who knows what to the oceans. Sure, on a cruise you can relax and do as little as you want, or get crazy and do as much as you want, and they take you to such fun and exotic places! Sounds like heaven to an overworked wildlife rehabilitator. If you take a look at Disney Cruise Lines, you can see that they spread pixie dust not only on the guests and their vacation experience, but also on the impact they have on the environment.

Disney Cruise Line’s efforts to minimize their impact on the environment include reducing waste, water purification and energy conservation. The cruise line recycles more than 900 tons of metal, glass, paper and plastic a year from onboard waste. The ships recycle the condensation from the air-conditioning systems to supply fresh water for laundry, and for cleaning the outer decks. All of the cooking oil is recycled as well, with some being used as biodiesel. The ships each have hull coating that is 100 % non toxic and increases fuel efficiency by reducing surface resistance. All of their ships have advanced wastewater purification systems that exceed industry standards. Organic cleaning products are used so harmful phosphates don’t find their way into the environment.

Having sailed with Disney, I can truly say it is a magical vacation. The service is excellent, the ships are gorgeous and the entertainment world class. The ships have all of the Disney charm and magic that the parks do, as well as taking you to exotic destinations and the excitement of being on the open seas. Knowing the cruise line thinks about its environmental impact, and puts into action those thoughts, makes the experience that much better for me!

(Reference-Disney Cruise Line’s Environmental Overview)

By: Michael Ginder