Helping Animals for More than 10 Years

Helping Animals for More than 10 Years

Through rehabilitation, education, and research, we strive to increase public knowledge and appreciation toward wildlife conservation.
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When Should You Rescue?

When Should You Rescue?

It's often difficult to determine whether a wild animal is in need of help or not. Intervening too soon can be dangerous. Find out what to do.
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Donate, Adopt and More!

Donate, Adopt and More!

Freedom Center for Wildlife receives no local, state, or federal assistance. Your contributions make a big difference in the lives of hundreds of animals.
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Who We Are


Our Mission Through rehabilitation, education, and research programs, Freedom Center for Wildlife, Inc. strives to incr...

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Rehabilitation and Research

The goal of wildlife rehabilitation is to return a healthy animal to the wild, in both physical and mental health. Most


We are currently in the process of locating a permanent facility. Please contact us via phone or email for informati...

Help Us Help Native Wildlife

How You Can Help

There are many ways you can help Freedom Center for Wildlife continue their mission to reh...
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Found an Animal?

I have found a wild animal that I think might be hurt or need assistance...  Now what?
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Wish List

Many items you have around your house could benefit sick, injured or orphaned wild animals...
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Volunteer and Intern

There are many opportunities to help local wildlife and get hands-on experience with FCW...
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Find the Good

We began the New Year (some say the next decade, but that is a debate for another day) by facing a looming global pandemic.  Panic set in and hoarding of cleaning supplies and grocerie...

Cheyenne, North America’s oldest known captive Harris’s Hawk

Freedom Center for Wildlife, Inc. (FCW) is the proud home of North America’s oldest known captive Harris’s Hawk at the current age of 34 years. Her name is Cheyenne and she serves as an animal ambass...


I cannot thank you more for helping us and really coaching me and being an emotional support and talking with me and calming my nerves. I am so grateful for you and very happy that the bat is safe. I appreciate everything that you do, and I am very grateful. Many blessings — God bless you and all that you do and your organization. Thank you, thank you SO much.

-Tanya W.

“Thanks so much Freedom Center for Wildlife for renesting our baby Great Horn Owl tonight.. It was very interesting.. my boys thought it was pretty cool.”

-Heather K. via Facebook